So delicate Flowergirls by Lim Zhi Wei / Love Limzy, Malaysian artist.


if you ever find yourself in an awkward situation just think “what would marius pontmercy do” and do not do that thing under any circumstance



btw in case yous have slept on this - there is an amazing tv show that exists on this earth called I Wanna Marry Harry where they’ve tricked a group of american girls into thinking they’re on a dating show competing for the heart of Prince Harry and it’s fucking phenomenal 


The North in a Day

On the Sunday of our long weekend, Annabel and I headed out of the city as part of a tour group to see the other main attractions of the North.  It turns out they’re all very far apart!

First stop: the hot springs.  Unfortunately these were far too hot to actually bathe in, but I did dip my hand it to say I’d done it.  There was a woman there selling chicken and quail eggs to boil in the water,…

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Bangkok in a Day

Last Saturday, Jamie (a fellow Bangkok-based ETA who Annabel and I met in the hostel in Chiang Mai) and I made a concerted effort to see the top sights of Bangkok in a day, and I think we succeeded.  I was half an hour late to meet him, and he was 45 minutes late – we’re clearly starting to embrace Thai culture!

We started off with Wat Phra Kaew, otherwise known as the temple of the Emerald…

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Chiang Mai: The York of Thailand

What’s that?
A wat.
A what?

On Saturday, Annabel and I got up early, and rather than wandering into the old town, this time we defiantly strode, with two maps and a Plan.  (Anybody who knows me will know that it was very sensible of Annabel to assume custody of both maps.)

Chiang Mai is a wonderful city to be a tourist in: every road seems to have several travel agents, the main…

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100% donne with metaphysical poetry

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"you make my heart beat in iambic pentameter."

no you don’t understand shakespeare literally writes to the beat of your heart

  • that’s why shakespearean actors will sometimes pound their chests in time to the words during readings
  • that’s why you use fluctuations in the rhythm to track your character’s emotional state - any irregularities in the scansion are like the character’s heart stuttering or jumping or skipping a beat
  • that’s why when characters share the rhythm - switching off in the middle of a foot - those characters inevitably have an extraordinarily intimate connection

shakespeare fucking writes viscerally, he is literally in your body, and that, my friend, that is why the best shakespearean actors don’t posture and emote

you have to be fucking alive and passionate and electric - it can’t be intellectual, in the end, it has to be about connection and the sweating, cheering, jeering, bleeding masses you’re performing to, because make no mistake, shakespeare may go to lofty heights, but he only works if you’re just as grounded in the earth. he has to be in your body. he has to be in your body.

holy motherfucking shit i love shakespeare so much, get him in your bones, breathe him in, stomp and rage and pine, dadum dadum dadum dadum dadum, it is literally to the beat of your heart

reading dracula just got 10x more interesting now that mina/lucy is in the game

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❝ Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty. ❞

Mark Twain (via thedapperproject)

❝ There exists, however, a silent agreement in most discussions among political and social scientists that we can ignore distinctions and proceed on the assumption that everything can eventually be called anything else, and that distinctions are meaningful only to the extent that each of us has the right “to define his terms.” Yet does not this curious right, which we have come to grant as soon as we deal with matters of importance–as though it were actually the same as the right to one’s own opinion–already indicate that such terms as “tyranny,” “authority,” “totalitarianism” have simply lost their common meaning, or that we have ceased to live in a common world where the words we have in common possess an unquestionable meaningfulness, so that, short of being condemned to live verbally in an altogether meaningless world, we grant each other the right to retreat into our own worlds of meaning, and demand only that each of us remain consistent within his own private terminology? ❞

“What is Authority?” by Hannah Arendt (1954)  (via justiceasfairness)

I’ve got to live for two months without tumblr savior so if I unfollow you I’m sorry, I’m keeping a list of people I unfollow who post stuff I don’t like but tag it, I swear I’ll come back

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